Tablet Update

Tablet Update: 19 October 2016

Content News
  1. Vodacom has made content available via their eSchool Website. Click on the link above to access it. There are NO DATA CHARGES for Vodacom customers. You must have a positive data balance to access website.
Information for Parents
  1. The "knox" tablet configuration has been removed from students tablets. The cameras will now work.
  2. Only your school email address must be configured on your tablet.
  3. Any Student who resets the tablet will pay a fee of R300.00 to reconfigure.
  4. Classroom Tablet checks have started. Unconfigured tablets are being confiscated.
  5. An unconfigured tablet means that the device is no longer a school sanctioned device and will be confiscated for a year.
  6. Hand in your unconfigured tablet to Mr. M.J. Hoosen for configuration at 7:20am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Ground Floor Offiice) 
Tablet Usage
  1. Use the App List to find out what apps you should download. All students need to download "Polaris Office + PDF". Tab 3s are pre-installed with an older version of this app which does not update.
  2. Students have complained about "Safe Browser" being slow and not opening certain pages. Google Chrome will now be allowed. Check your tablet for it.
  3. 383 Tablets configured thus far.
  4. Uninstalling of apps has been prevented. 
  5. Before locking your tablet, please switch the Wi-Fi ON.
  6. We are aware of Tab 3s and Tab 4s (creating another user account) being able to download non-permitted apps (games). We are working with Samsung to rectify. Checks will be done on tablets and if games are found then appropriate punishments will be enforced. Besides being a distraction, games have been found to have a negative effect on performance.