AFC Past Papers

** For best results, please use the Google Chrome browser **

***** You must have a valid Al-Falaah student email address and password. ****

Tips on downloading Past Year Papers

1. Try to use the Google chrome browser

2.  go to

3. login using your Al Falaah school email address and password. 
*** You must logout from any other personal gmail accounts.
*** If you have forgotten your email address or password, please see Mr. Junaid at the I.T. office at           7:20 in the mornings (Monday to Wednesday)

4. once in your email account, open a new tab.

6. go to AFC student portal

7. go to AFC Past Papers.

8. Click on one of the four links eg. "Grade 4 to 12 Past Year Papers"

9. Select your grade, subject and term.

10. Click on the paper you want to download.

11. When it opens click on the download button (icon with the arrow pointing down, at the top)

12. Exam paper will be downloaded to your downloads folder.