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The Torch at Al-Falaah College will produce up to date and relevant stories covering a wide range of topics including news, features, sports, accolades, outreach programmes along with designated pictures taking place in different sectors/departments of the College. This newsroom/media centre focuses on the highlights and “what’s happening” at Al-Falaah College so that you the student are informed of your fellow classmates and the wonderful initiatives accomplished at our college.

19 November 2018

Anti – Bullying Week
The Anti – Bullying Week for 2018 will be held from 12th – 18th November, with the theme ‘Choose Respect’. This year Al – Falaah College is encouraging all learners, parents and teachers to be ‘Up standers’ rather than ‘Bystanders‘. Someone who witnesses bullying, either in person or online, is a bystander. Friends, students, peers, teachers, school staff, parents, coaches, and other youth-serving adults can be bystanders. With cyberbullying, even strangers can be bystanders. Youth involved in bullying play many different roles. Witnessing bullying is upsetting and affects the bystander, too. Bystanders have the potential to make a positive difference in a bullying situation by becoming an up stander. An up stander is someone who sees what happens and intervenes, interrupts, or speaks up to stop the bullying. Youth who are bullied often feel even more alone because there are witnesses who do nothing. When no one intervenes the person being targeted may feel that bystanders do not care or they agree with what is happening. There are many reasons why a bystander may not interject, even if they believe that bullying is wrong. They may be afraid of retaliation or of becoming the target of bullying themselves. They might fear that getting involved could have negative social consequences. An Up stander is someone who takes action when they witness bullying. Even one person’s support can make a big difference for someone who is being bullied. When youth who are bullied are defended and supported by their peers, they are less anxious and depressed than those who are not. There are many things that bystanders to bullying can do to become up standers:
• Question the bullying behaviour. Simple things like changing the subject or questioning the behaviour can shift the focus.
• Use humour to say something funny and redirect the conversation.
• There is strength in numbers too! Bystanders can intervene as a group to show there are several people who don’t agree with the bullying.
• Walk with the person who is the target of bullying to help diffuse potential bullying interactions.
Reach out privately to check in with the person who was bullied to let them know you do not agree with it and that you care. It makes a difference.
Pic: Learners of Al-Falaah College with Mr SK Sewmungal, author of “the unknown journey” the 1st South African to write a story on bullying. 
Sandhir Kumar Sewmungal – authors name 
Learners names in order of pic:
Mahomed Salman Kureshi
Ahmed Mahomedy
Hamzah Kadwa

12 November 2018
Al Falaah College was 1 of 16 AMS schools that participated in the Fair held on  October 11,  2018 at Orient Islamic School, hosted by Ihsaan Girls College.Statistics showing the MALE & FEMALE learners in grades 4 to 9 are as follows: Our heartiest Masha Allah to all the winning participants!!! Alhamdulillah, our pupils performed exceptionally well. We achieved success in Grades 4, 5, 7,8 & 9.

12 November 2018
Junior Science Expo

Ismaeel Zahir Omar Noor Mahomed (Gr 9A) has been selected to represent TEAM SOUTH AFRICA- INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR SCIENCE EXPO to be held in Gabarone from 2 to 11 December 2018. We at AFC are very proud of his remarkable achievement thus far and wish him well in the competition ahead. He has already engaged in a week long preparation session to gain skills and knowledge to proceed further in the competition. We thank Ismaeel’s parents Mr & Mrs Noor Mahomed for their immense input and unconditional support. They truly have provided Ismaeel with the encouragement and access to enable Ismaeel to master key developmental tasks. A parent is their child's first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout life. Al-Falaah College as well as our team of dedicated educators in particular, are fully behind this learners excellent achievement and are providing additional support in his preparation for the competition. May Allah guide and steer him in the path of success. We request that duas be made on his behalf.

12 November 2018

Leadership Academy Graduation 

On Saturday 3 November 2018, 31 grade 10 learners from various schools in Durban graduated from the year-long Youth Leadership Programme conducted by the Leadership Academy.The Leadership Academy’s aims and objectives are: (1) To develop youth who are framed by God-Consciousness and imbued with a worldview of Tawhid, oneness and unity. (2) To develop 21st century leadership skills in our youth. (3) To develop a sustainable model to train leaders. This pilot project was an intensive 20-week holistic leadership development programme, with learners from Phoenix Muslim School; Ridge Park College, Orient Islamic School; and Al Falaah College. The programme will be open to all schools in KZN in 2019. The Programme Structure and Format comprised of core coursework, enrichment activities, simulations and fieldwork. The seminars were held on Saturday mornings at Al Falaah College. They will be rotated at other schools in 2019.Some of the topics covered were: Critical Thinking; Personal Mastery; Leadership & Personal Branding; Civic Responsibility in the South African Context; Organisation and Professionalism; Learning Through Conflict; Empowering Leadership Through Prophetic Values; Mindfulness & Martial Arts; Islamic Worldview; Effective Communication; Entrepreneurship; Media & Communication; Diversity and Anti-Racism; Islamic Calligraphy; Apartheid & Gratitude to Those Who Suffered to Bring About Democracy; and Role of Youth in Africa & South Africa. The highlight of the programme for the learners were the two Simulations: United Nations & Climate Change; and Poverty Alleviation Through Agriculture & Farming, where the learners were totally engrossed and engaged in finding solutions to these vexing problems facing humanity.The many facilitators, all experts in their respective fields, who gave off their valuable time and shared their experiences were: Prof Shamim Bodhanya; Prof Berenice de la Croix; Dr Tahmid Quazi; Faizal Dawjee; Maulana Rafick Mohamed; Abie Dawjee; Prof Anis Karodia; Rumana Mahomed; Edris Khamissa; Liaquat Alli (C.A.); Yunus Nakhooda; Shaykh Rafeeq Hassen; Fahim Hoosen (from Gauteng) and Mufti Ebrahim Backus.The Leadership Academy was initiated by Hafez Ismail Dawood of Al Falaah College and project managed by Adv. Mahomed Vahed.Due to the overwhelming success of the programme, the current learners will proceed into their second year in 2019 and there will be a new intake of grade 10 learners. The programme is open to all schools in KZN and there is no charge whatsoever due to the magnanimous support of the sponsors the Al Imdaad Foundation.
Schools interested in registering their learners should contact Adv. Vahed on or 083 640 9054.

29 October 2018

Debate Club Graduation


Alhamdullilah Al-Falaah College hosted its first debate club graduation on Saturday 27thOctober 2018. Our learners presented a mini debate which showcased their 9 week course under the expert guidance of their coach Sicelo, a national debating adjudicator. Masha Allah to all our learners who have embarked on this journey to developing and honing in their debating skills. Shukran to our parents for their support and encouragement. Insha Allah we hope to continue this course next year 2019.

23 October 2018

Amashova Cycling Race

The oldest road classic cycle race, the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic took place over the weekend, Sunday 21st October 2018. The race started at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall and finished at Suncoast, Durban.

A hugely rewarding hobby which can also be intimidating whether watched or raced by yourself was participated by our Al-Falaah College learners. This exhilarating experience mentions the time frames won by our students in the 106 km race.


Yusuf Mahomedy in 3 hours 10 mins

Ahmed Randeree in 3 hours 25 mins

Ahmad Jadwat in 3 hours 40 mins

Saad Vawda in 3 hous 55 mins


In the 35 km Race we had:


Abdullah Chohan in 1 hour 25 mins


These boys have had the love for cycling from the littlest ages of three as they remember their childhood crashes. “If my legs had an attached meter measuring movement through lifetime, it would register far more revolutions than steps”, says our very motivated and inspired students. We are proud of their achievements.

17 October 2018

Rif'at Fazloodeen Grade 11_Public Relations Practitioner

Job shadowing allows a student to spend a few hours or a day with a professional working in the student's career interest. The student has the opportunity to experience what the job is like and can ask questions too! We at Al-Falaah College have provided our learners the opportunity to experiment, venture, research this avenue providing clarity and less confusion when making a decision in their career paths. Rifath Fazlooodeen grade 11 gives us an insight to her journey …

“Public Relations is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain a relationship with a company and its public's.  I would like to become a Public Relations Practitioner as through my leadership roles over the years I’ve established good communication and writing skills.  Through toastmasters I mastered the art of ensuring clear communication with the target audience internally or externally, as is the case with a PR practitioner, communication is normally via  press releases, newsletters, public appearances, etc.  Some of my duties as a Public relations specialist will incorporate corporate social responsibility, financial public relations, media relations, managing the corporate  reputation, crisis communication and dealing with the political public in some instances.  My long term goals are to complete my Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Communication Management and thereafter lecturing the programme in a Higher Education Institution.”

16 October 2018


The World Knowledge Olympiad, a National quiz, was written in May this year. This is an opportunity for learners to test their general knowledge against the rest of the country.  25 000 learners from Grade 6-12, representing 500 schools, participate each year.

Al-Falaah College is proud to announce that A. Hakizimana from Grade 8 was placed in the top 10 of his category in the country. Mashallah. The Board of Governors, Principal, staff and learners of Al-Falaah College extend their heartfelt congratulations to A. Hakizimana on his fantastic accomplishment and wish him every success in the future, Inshallah.