1. Quran 13 Line PDF

2. Quran Audio MP3 (per Surah)
3. Quran Audio MP3 (per 13 line page)

An excellent resource for the QURAN  is the website :  https://www.aswaatulqurraa.com/

In this website you will find easy to download Mp3 tracks of the Quran split into either chapters ,quarters ,surahs and even page by page.

It also provides you with a variety (quite a large range) of reciters to choose from.

The site also has a learning to read the Quran section.

It has books on the Quran, translation and transliteration ,tafseer (commentary) ,stories ,atlas and anaasheed (songs) etc.

All to do with the QURAAN.

From: Mln. I. Mulla